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Power Transporters

Industrial trailers and transporters can be customized to your application, handling your light or heavy loads. To make it fit your budget and travel pattern, we will utilize wheels, rails or air bearings. The trailers/transporters can be tow-behind type or have their own power and steering source.

Item #1004

The following options are available
Roller deck
Guide rails
Tool storage racks
  for vertical height adjustment
for tool transfer
to transfer heavy tools in and out of presses
to align your transporter to your press
to speed up retrieval of tools

The advantages are obvious

By investing in this space saving and flexible tool changer you will immediately benefit from:

* Reduction in downtime
* Higher job safety through easier tool handling
* Smaller job lots become economical (JIT)
* Smaller inventory, will save space and improve profit and cash flow
* Less tool and press damage
* Less non value added indirect labor costs. Any transfer using this equipment can easily be done with one person
* Quality improvement of produced parts; less waste
* Less down time results in higher productivity
* Higher utilization of press time, more parts produced
* Better competitiveness through lower cost and shorter turnaround time
* Low maintenance due to few movable parts in tool changer
* Better work environment due to nice and clean floor will also help reduce operator turnover
* Lower cost building that don't carry overhead cranes
* Less building volume to heat, ventilate or air conditioning
* Less light in low building than in a tall one

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