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Axitron positioners for loads up to 3 tons


AXITRON Positioner developed for the future requirements for good working conditions, ergonomics and productivity in welding, grinding, assembly etc.

Positioners enable all sides of the work piece to face the operator giving a better working environment with easy access to fume extraction, materials, tools and other equipment.

For good ergonomics and quick positioning, the positioners movements are motorized and programmable. At the press of a button -- movement to the next position is automatic with all axles starting simultaneously. If the program contains variable rotation speed, rotation is controlled by a pedal.

On request, the positioner can be supplied with variable rotation speed and with internal pneumatic piping to the rotating table center (for fixtures, hydraulic pump drives, etc.)

The positioners movement patter, motorized drive and regulating system can reduce operating time by up to 85%, making it a profitable investment.

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