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Mold Changers Page 6

Horizontal mold changer of up to 2000 lb molds or dies. If your presses are down for more than 5-15 minutes you may want to consider this 2-station efficient unit that can do works for you in 2-8 weeks from your order.

Item #187
Mold changer
Mold changer

If a side mold changer/transporter is shared between several presses, it is more economical to equip your quick mold changer with draw bridges rather than installing pre-rollers. Pre-rollers or draw bridge will bridge the gap between the safety door and your platen.

Item #190
Item # AA237
Mold Changer Mold Changer
Today there are quick mold clamps that are designed to withstand high working temperatures. Despite high mold temperature even aluminum or metal casting can be exchanged in minutes rather than hours.

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