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Mold changer Mold length plus 20" is the distance between your presses needed for this compact 2 station 20,000 lb. capacity per station, quick mold transporter and changer. Height adjustment is available so it can be shared among several presses where Horizontal Quick Change is desired.

Item #193

Even light weight molds (20-400 lb.) could be awkward and dangerous to handle. Especially if they have to be placed in high places and are hot to touch. Medical Equipment Manufacturers are typical users.

Item #198
Mold changer
Mold changer If you don't think changing 60,000-80,000 lb dies or molds in vertical operating presses in 5-7 minutes is possible - think again. This shuttle changer application does.

Do you have heavier tools? Then you have waited too long to contact us. No weight has been holding us back.

Item #194-96

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