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Manufacturing support equipment

Along with a variety of other manufacturing support equipment, Quick Mold Change (QMC), Quick Die Change (QDC), and their related high density storage and automation systems have been Technus’, primary business focus since 1994.

Ergonomic workstations, and specialty assembly line support equipment, including inspection stations and product quality verification fixtures are the lines of standard and custom-designed production related equipment being produced by Technus, Inc.

Twenty years of prior international experience in designing systems for moving heavy industrial loads ranging up to 3000 tons has formed the creative foundation for our current business interests. While large specialty moving systems are still something we love to do, our primary daily focus is in producing safe, worker-friendly, production support equipment, that produce low cost, highly reliable contributions to our clients operations.

Along with heavy die and mold change vehicles, we design and furnish special purpose industrial trailers, along with engine and battery powered transporters to service difficult applications. We specialize in both free ranging and rail travel systems. Process equipment solutions are the hallmark of our capabilities.

If you have need for REALLY heavy capacity transporters (25-tons and higher) that have requirements to operate in very confined building spaces or heavy capacity machinery moving solutions, we can certainly recommend that you contact the Wheelift Systems division of Doerfer Companies. Their capability with ultra heavy capacity transporters has no parallel.

We sincerely welcome your most challenging problems!

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