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Technus, Inc. sells a large variety of clamps with clamping forces ranging from 1,700 lbs to 52,000 lbs. Custom clamps with smaller and greater clamping forces can be provided.

The clamps incorporate various designs such as hollow piston, rocker and lift and may be mounted in a fixed position or in T-slots. Clamps may be manually adjusted to the die or be mechanically positioned for precise die engagement.

Sensors, hydraulic check valves and/or mechanical locks may be utilized for enhanced safety.

Hollow Piston Type Clamps

Hollow piston clamps provide high clamping forces in a compact design. They are used with dies and molds having slotted underplates, ears or pockets.

Rocker Clamps

Rocker style clamps "rock" around an axel with the rear mounted piston providing the rocking action which generates the clamping force.

Multi Articulated Clamps

These clamps, in addition to providing the clamping forces, may also swing away, twist, pull/push and otherwise articulate to allow die and mold engagement/disengagement.

Clamps Item # aa237c1
Item # aa237c1 Clamps
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