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Technus, Inc.

-- Your One

Materials Handling Partner

(From idea to fully operating in your plant)

We specialize into taking projects from an initial idea, through to a fully operating system in your plant

Technus, Inc. was formed in 1994, specifically to respond to customer requests for specialized equipment that they could not find from conventional sources. Technus recognized the need for a
ONE STOP convenient source for manufacturing people that do not have access to engineering capacity or, do not have the time to "shop around" to find the specialty items they need. Technus has built a solid reputation across several core industries as that ONE STOP turn-key systems supplier to harried plant managers and other professionals who out source their non-core business needs.

We are internationally experienced in a wide variety of otherwise-not-available special purpose process support equipment. We are people who do enjoy working together with your engineering and manufacturing people to turn their ideas and needs into real and economical process solutions. We specialize in reducing and eliminating the non-value added costs of materials and tool handling. In addition, Technus honors your peoples respects the experience, knowledge, concerns, of your operating personel. And, we work together with them to solve illusive problems, as well as design systems that reduce operators' work exposure to environmental concerns, boredom, injury and fatigue.

The Technus goal is to help customers achieve credible and economical process solutions. We strive to form a partnership with our customers to improve their productivity and competitiveness through working together to jointly arrive at evolutionary solutions. It is a mutual goal to reduce the solution costs and achieve major labor reductions.

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